Stories from the Heartland
This is a collection of writings that examine my relationship with the Midwest. As a Californian, I continually find new and entrancing aspects about the two Midwestern states I have lived in: Iowa and Ohio. Some of the blog posts deal with politics, others with the environment and a few about social media, technology and parenting. I launched the blog in 2009 as I was finishing graduate school, and try to update it a few times a month, when the mood strikes.

The Daily Flash
Launched in January 2012, The Daily Flash is dedicated to writing a piece of extremely short fiction each day prompted by the word of the day, sent to me by one of two sites: Wordnick and Wordsmith. The exercise is meant to be fun and build community and creativity, as I ask people to contribute their inspirations for the word of the day as well. Responses can come in the form of fiction (200 words or less), poetry (10 lines or less) or a single photo.

Writing with my friend and former colleague, Aleza Freeman, I write mainly about how social media affects my life. It’s a spot for Aleza and I to connect with each other in our “social friendworking” experiment while writing about the social media phenomenon that grips us. We try to keep it light and speak not as social media experts, but as users and writers.